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Research Projects

2008-2010 – Junior research project Cinematic Power Structures in the Protectorate Böhmen und Mähren (GA AV), Researcher: Mgr. et MgA. Tereza Dvořáková.

2007-2009 – Research project Aesthetical dimensions of visual culture (GA ČR 408/07/0909). Researcher: PhDr. Petra Hanáková, Ph.D., member of the grant team and a guarantor of the research group „Changing images – digital revolution.“ Co-researchers:  PhDr. David Čeněk a Mgr. Václav Hájek.

2006-2008 – research project Miloš Forman – A monograph (GA ČR 408/06/0221). Researcher: doc. PhDr. Stanislava Přádná.

2007 – Specific research project in American and Czech archives The American Film Industry and Czechoslovakia, 1945-1957, Researcher: Mgr. Jindřiška Bláhová

2006 – Specific research project Contemporary Methods and Approaches in Film Studies, resulting in the creation of a methodological guide. Researcher: PhDr. Petra Hanáková, Ph. D. Team: Ph.D. students of the Film Studies Department. 

2005-2009 – Research project The Signification of Gender Differences in the Modern World with the Center for Gender studies, School of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University in Prague. The project is part of the research program Fundamentals of the Modern World as Reflected in Literature and Philosophy. Co-researcher: PhDr. Petra Hanáková, Ph. D.  (Grant MŠMT 0021620824).

2004-2006 – project Development of the BA and MA program in Film Studies. Original researcher: Prof. PhDr. Jiří Cieslar, from 2006 onwards: PhDr. Ivan Klimeš.

2003-2006 – international project Multiples and Multiple Language Versions in the Early Sound Era. The project was conducted in collaboration with the following universities: Amsterdam, Bremen, Locarno, Milan, Pisa, Paris III, Udine and Valencia. Project outcome: multiple studies written by project participants and the organization of several incarnations of the international workshop „MAGIS, Gradisca International Film Studies Spring School“ in Gradisca, Italy (in which many students and faculty from the Film Department also participated).

2003-2005 – research project Alfréd Radok – filmmaker and founder of Laterna Magika (GA ČR 408/03/1448). Researcher: Prof. PhDr. Jiří Cieslar, co-researcher Prof. PhDr. Eva Stehlíková (Theater Studies Department, School of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University in Prague).


  Research Projects


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