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PhD students

Mgr. Jindřiška Bláhová

Dissertation thesis title: Czechoslovakia and Hollywood, 1945-1958

Areas of the academic expertise: Hollywood and American cinema; Czechoslovak cinema after 1945; political, economic, and institutional history of the cinema; film and technology; film and genre; film and gender

Contact: j.blahova@uea.ac.uk, jindriska_blahova@yahoo.com


Mgr. Pavla Bergmannová

Dissertation thesis title: Czech-Polish Cinematic Relations

Areas of the academic expertise: Czech cinema 1945-1989, Polish cinema, cinema and theater, film sound

Contact: bergmannova@hotmail.com


Mgr. et MgA. Tereza Dvořáková

Dissertation thesis title: The Film Bureau of Bohemia and Moravian (1941 – 1945)

Areas of the academic expertise: Czech cinema before 1945, history of film institutions, Czech-German cinematic relations, contemporary Czech film industry, economic history of cinema

Contact: tereza.dvorakova@ff.cuni.cz


Mgr. Jakub Felcman

Dissertation thesis title: Virtual Cinema. Film outside cinematography

Areas of the academic expertise: fringe and non-filmic cinematic manifestations in Czech/Czechoslovak cinema

Contact: felcman@volny.cz


Mgr. Tomáš Hála

Dissertation thesis title: The “Thaw“ Period in the Soviet Cinema of the 1950s and 1960s, with special attention to the director Marlen Chucijev

Areas of the academic expertise: Russian cinema, cinematographies of the former Soviet republics

Contact: tomas_hala@yahoo.com


Kevin Johnson, MA

Dissertation thesis title: Film Language and the Representation of Nationality in Early Sound Cinema

Areas of the academic expertise: film and nationality, film and sound, German and Central European cinema, modernism, cinema of attraction, film and propaganda

Contact: kbjohnso@gmx.net


Mgr. Kateřina Kačerovská

Dissertation thesis title: Břetislav Pojar: the semi-plastic puppet in the context of Czechoslovak cinema

Areas of the academic expertise: animated film – history and technology, the Czech cinema

Contact: kacerovk@email.cz


Mgr. Jan Kolář

Dissertation thesis title: Attractions and Narrative (forms of storytelling in contemporary cinema)

Areas of the academic expertise: relationships between, language, image perception, and thought; narratology; special effects and digitalization; the blockbuster

Contact:  jakolar@email.cz


Mgr. Petr Kopal

Dissertation thesis title: Medieval History and Film

Areas of the academic expertise: medieval history and the problem of film and history (connections between film and history, specifically medieval), stereotypes and propaganda (images of the enemy, evil, etc.)

Contact: kopalpetr@seznam.cz


Mgr. Tomáš Lachman

Dissertation thesis title: Czechoslovak Film Censorship, 1919-1939

Areas of the academic expertise: Czechoslovak film censorship in the interwar period, European and American film censorship before 1945, history of film institutions in the Czech lands, Czech cinema in interdisciplinary contexts

Contact: Tomas.Lachman@nfa.cz, tomas.lachman@seznam.cz


Mgr. Sylva Poláková

Dissertation thesis title: The Portrayal of the City

Areas of the academic expertise: reflections and interpretations of urbanity in interdisciplinary audiovisual space, film and architecture, interactive spectatorship, gender and film, new technologies

Contact: sylvapol@gmail.com 


Mgr. Petr Slinták

Dissertation thesis title: The Portrayal of the Countryside in Czechoslovak Feature Films, 1945-1991

Areas of the academic expertise: imagery of the countryside in Czechoslovak and world cinema, ethnographic and ethnological film, film as a sociological reflection of reality

Contact: petrslintak@centrum.cz


PhDr. Kateřina Svatoňová

Dissertation thesis title: Unbound Images: archeology of illusionary space 

Areas of the academic expertise: history of media, history of virtual and illusionary technologies, archeology of virtual reality, relations between film and literary theory, space and time in film, intermediality, new technologies, narratology, relations between film and other media

Contact: ksvatonova@volny.cz


Mgr. Martin Švoma

Dissertation thesis title: Contemporary Czech Cinema, 1991-2005

Areas of the academic expertise: Czech film after 1989, Czech amateur cinema, the film essay and authorship (Karel Vachek)

Contact: martin.svoma@volny.cz


Mgr. Jana Žilová

Dissertation thesis title: Figural Thought: Theory and praxis

Areas of the academic expertise: French film theory

Contact:  jane_vein@hotmail.com


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