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Ph.D. Program
Vědecká činnost

Ph. D. Program in English

will not open in the year 2015


  • Thriving film studies environment at the oldest university in Central Europe (est. 1348)
  • Vibrant student atmosphere in Prague, the major metropolitan center in the region, recognized worldwide for its cultural traditions and cinematic institutions
  •  Innovative research community involved with a number of international exchanges and collaboration projects
  • Excellent resources: extensive book and DVD collection, plus access to the Czech National Film Archive and collections in the National Library and National Archive

The Department

Film Studies at the Charles University is interested in innovative approaches to visual culture under totalitarianism and in societies in transition, with accents on gender studies and the relationship between ideology and cinema. Another primary research direction is the history of Czech, German, and Austrian film relations. Faculty and students have access to numerous sources of academic funding. Recent projects supported by research grants include: Cinematic Power Structures in the Protectorate Böhmen und Mähren, Aesthetical dimensions of visual culture, and The American Film Industry and Czechoslovakia, 1945-1958. In spring 2009 the department is inviting a number international guest speakers to participate in a lecture series on Central European film sponsored by a grant from the Visegrad Fund. We will also obe hosting a conference on Visual Culture and Aesthetics in the fall of 2009 with funding from (GA ČR 408/07/0909). 
The Film Studies Department  maintains a high level of involvement in various collaborative international endeavors and currently participates in several international exchange programs (e.g. Erasumus-Socrates, DAAD, Visegrad Fund, etc.) In addition, the department has a cotutelle agreement with the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK. In recent years, faculty have lectured at multiple European universities including Universität Wien, Vysoká škola múzických umení (Bratislava), Universität Erfurt, and de la Sorbonne in Paris. The department was also active in establishing the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS).


Ivan Klimeš - Chair

Research and teaching interests: Czechoslovak cinema before 1960, relations between cinema and the state, film music, early Czechoslovak film scriptwriting, early cinema.

Other activities: Head of the Department of Film Theory and History at the Czech National Film Archive. On the editorial board of the film journal “Iluminace” and the history journal “Dějiny a současnost.” Coordinator of various Czech and international conferences (e.g. Czech-Slovak filmological conference, conference of Cinema in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia [Regensburg, 2005 and Ústí nad Labem, 2006], etc.) Member of the Fund for Academic Development under the Czech Ministry of Education. Member of the FAMU art board. 

Stanislava Přádná

Research and teaching interests: History of the Czech cinema after 1945 (the 1950s, the Czech New Wave, the 1970s-1980s), Andrzej Wajda and Polish cinema, relations between film and theater, film and acting, film and authorship.

Other activities: Guarantor of the MA program in General Theory and History of Art and Culture at the School of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University in Prague. Member of the board for the Ph.D. program in Literature, Theater and Cinema Theory and History at the School of Philosophy, Palackého University, Olomouc. Guarantor of the Ph.D. program in the Film Studies Department. 

Petra Hanáková

Research and teaching interests: History of film theory, contemporary film theory, psychoanalytic theory, gender studies, relations between film and visual culture, post-structuralist theory, visual studies and national identity.

Other activities: Member of the sub-committee of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic. 

Ph.D. in the General Theory and History of Art and Culture (specialization in Film and Visual Studies)

The standard period of study towards the Ph.D. is three years, culminating in the writing and defense  of a dissertation thesis. Topics should be linked with the research interests of department faculty. The dissertation will be based on individual research and close work with the student's departmental adviser. During the course of their study, students will be able to interact with other students and professors in seminars, panel discussions, and other academic events. The department also provides doctoral students the opportunity to instruct courses for local and visiting undergraduates as a source of additional income and teaching experience.

Preferred research areas

Film Studies at the Charles University is particularly interested in projects that assume
innovative approaches to visual culture under totalitarianism and in societies in
transition. Faculty specializations include:
            - Czech cinema in the context of Central Europe - origins of the national
                        cinemas, “new waves”, contemporary developments (post-1989)
            - Czech-German-Austrian film relations
            - Cinema and ideology, film culture under totalitarianism
            - Theories of cinema and visual culture

Current Ph.D. projects (selection)

Czechoslovakia and Hollywood, 1945-1958
The Film Bureau of Bohemia and Moravian (1941 – 1945)
Film Language and the Representation of Nationality in Early Sound Cinema
Medieval History and Film
The Portrayal of the City
Unbound Images: an archeology of illusory space

Application Process
Applications are currently being accepted for study beginning in October 2009

An M.A. or other degree equivalent to the Czech Magister in a relevant discipline is expected prior to admission to the program. Applicants are also required to possess advanced knowledge of English. If English is not your first language, you will be required to present an appropriate certificate of proficiency (e.g. TOEFL or similar). A complete application must include a Curriculum vitae, a 4-5 page project outline, and a preliminary bibliography.

The deadline for applicaton is April 30, 2009.

Applications are currently being accepted for study beginning in October 2009

Applications will then be reviewed by faculty and decisions for the admission of new students will be made known by July.

For more information on the application process please visit the department website or contact our office.

  Research Projects


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